COVID - 19 - Mandatory and social quarantine – Production for exports and the industrial processes


Mandatory and social quarantine – Production for exports and the industrial processes

The Chief of Cabinet by means of Decision No. 179 explained the scope of the exemption from the quarantine regarding production for exports and specific industrial processes (Decision No. 524, section 1, paragraphs 10 and 11).


1. Export processes

In order to perform their activity, the companies shall:

(i) prove that they have the corresponding international purchase orders,

(ii) record international sales during 2019 and/or 2020.

2. Specific industrial processes 

It comprises the industrial activity which aim is the production of goods destined to the direct provision of the following activities and/or sectors:

- Hardware stores.

- Provision of gas tanks.

- Basic services (water, electricity, gas, communications, etc.) maintenance and emergency care.

- Oil and Gas Deposits, Oil and gas refining and/or treatment plants, transport and distribution of electric power, liquid fuels, oil and gas, fuel stations and power generators.

- Operations of nuclear plants.

- Production and distribution of biofuel.

- Sale of supplies and construction materials provided by corralones (builders' yards).

- Tanneries, sawmills and wood products factories, mattresses factories and factories of road and agricultural machinery.

- Garages for the maintenance and repair of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles, exclusively for public transport, vehicles for security forces and armed forces, vehicles used for health provision or by personnel authorized to circulate, in accordance with the regulation in force.

- Sale of computer suppliers.

- Optical shops.

- Industries that perform continuous processes provided that they have been timely authorized under the provisions set forth in paragraph 1° of Administrative Decision No. 429, dated March 20, 2020.

The manufacturing of stoves, heaters and heating devices for domestic purposes is also considered a specific industrial process authorized under the provisions set forth in paragraph 11, Section 1° of the Administrative Decision No. 524/20.

Local authorities shall regulate the measures according to the criteria and the epidemiological situation of each jurisdiction and in accordance with the rules laid down by the competent Local Authorities for such purposes.

The Governors or the Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires shall send to the MINISTRY OF PRODUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT, FORTY EIGHT (48) hours after the authorization is approved, the details of the establishments of their corresponding jurisdiction that are exempted.