COVID - 19 - Preventive and Mandatory Social Distancing - Regime applicable to certain jurisdictions


PREVENTIVE AND MANDATORY SOCIAL DISTANCING - Regime applicable to Catamarca, Chubut, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Neuquén (except the city of Neuquén), Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, Río Negro (except General Roca) and the districts of the Province of Buenos Aires (except AMBA)

The "social, preventive and mandatory distancing" applies to all persons residing or transiting in the urban areas, districts and departments of the mentioned provinces as long as they positively verify the following parameters:

1. The health system must have sufficient and adequate capacity to respond to health demand.

2. The urban area, department or district must not be defined by the national health authority as those that have “community transmission” of the virus.

3. The doubling time of confirmed cases of COVID-19 should not be less than 15 days, and it is not necessary to comply with this requirement if, due to the low or no number of cases, such calculation cannot be performed.

Likewise, the circulation limit is extended and it is established that the governors can order preventive quarantine for a maximum period of 14 days to those who enter from other jurisdictions.

The rules of general conduct are extended, regarding distance, use of masks and hygiene.

Only economic, industrial, commercial or service activities that have an operating protocol approved by the health authority and with restriction of the use of surfaces up to 50% of their capacity may be carried out.

Sports, artistic or social activities can only be carried out as long as they do not involve more than 10 people, preserving a distance of 2.25 m2 for each person.

Face-to-face classes will remain suspended at all levels and in all modalities until they are restarted in full or in part, progressively or alternately, and/or by geographical areas or levels or sections or modalities, with the prior approval of the corresponding protocols.

The following activities are prohibited:

1. Performance of events in public or private, social, cultural, recreational, religious and any other spaces with more than ten people in attendance.

2. Practice of any sport where more than ten people participate or that does not allow keeping the minimum distance.

3. Cinemas, theaters, clubs, cultural centers.

4. Public service of interurban, inter-jurisdictional and international passenger transport, except for expressly authorized cases.

5. Tourism.